Plant-based Diet Guide

plant-based-diet-chartA plant-based diet can have beneficial impact on your general well-being, but you will need to choose your food wisely. 

It is important to remember that switching to animal free foods does not automatically boost health. If you rely on junk food you can totally miss out on valuable nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, omega acids and protein.
Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of malnutrition,  you will need to establish an eating routine which is based on real food. Only pure and minimally processed nutrition can have a positive impact on human health, so avoid  additives, artificial colourings, thickeners, and highly processed food n general.  

Variety of foods is the key

Have a look at the "plate" diagram above to visualise, what you will need to eat.
Vegetables and green leafs should make up most of your plate. From there grains, beans, and legumes will fill up the rest. If you can begin to mentally divide your plate at each meal to look like the one shown (more or less), then you are taking a large step toward success at a plant based diet lifestyle.

plant-based-diet-productsSupplements are not all equal

In an ideal world you should be getting all the nutrients from whole foods, but in reality it is often impossible to completely avoid supplementation. The key thing to understand, when choosing supplements, is that they are not all equal. Chemical isolates are hard to absorb and for this reason you should choose vitamin and mineral formulas which can imitate real food. These type of supplements (called Food State) contain essential co-factors that are always found with nutrients in whole foods.

Only pure plant protein powders are valuable.

If you are into sports you probably recognise the value of protein powders. They are great for long-term energy release and muscle recovery. Unfortunately protein powders often contain substances that you may wish to avoid. Similarly to whole foods, protein powders must be free from harmful additives to have a positive impact on human body. Ideal protein powder is always raw and made out of plants which have been grown on organic farms. 

Nutrition Ninjas recommendations:

At Nutrition Ninjas we would like to help you achieve your plant-based diet goals. For this purpose we have built an online store which targets dietary needs of those who rely mostly or entirely on plants. In our online shop you can choose from:
nuts and nut mixes great source of fibre, several B group vitamins , vitamin E,  calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, antioxidant minerals 
seeds and seed mixes - rich in fiber, vitamin E, mono-unsaturated fats, protein, minerals, zinc, omega acids

essential-ingredients-group-picturebeans and bean mixes - main protein source for vegans
milk alternatives -  good for vitamin E, mono-saturated fats, antioxidants and protein
dried fruit - good for fiber, antioxidants and micro-nutrients
cold pressed oils - great source of omega 6 and 3
whole grains, oats and flakes - great for fiber, several B vitamins, and minerals (iron, magnesium, and selenium)
protein powders - pure source of protein
sea vegetables - rich in calcium, iron, magnesium
Food State vitamin and minerals supplements -  easy to absorb by the human body.
vegan palm oil free chocolate - for healthy snacking and desserts

Our food can be trusted

On our website you will not find the information about recommended intake of particular nutrients since this is something your nutrition specialist can advise you on. All we take care of is diversity and quality of our products. We only sell minimally processed, raw and mostly organic foods. As the purity of food is very important to us, we avoid artificial colours, thickeners and additives, so you can shop with us secure in the knowledge that our food can be trusted!

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