Food Ethics – for “Ninjas”, ethical food is not just a slogan.

Food ethics lies at the core of Nutrition Ninjas philosophy. What inspires us is an appreciation of the beauty in the world we know and the will to preserve it for future generations.

Ethics underpins all of our ethical food farmersbusiness activities, such as product examination, order processing (packaging) and social media campaigns. To make the term "ethical food" meaningful we have crafted our own principles which we believe make us a "fair" champion within ethical retailers.

1) We give precedence to organic products

Organic products are free from pesticide, insecticides, genetic modification, additives, artificial flavours, and colours.

But buying organic goes far beyond ones personal well-being. Organic farms produce less pollution from sprays and less carbon dioxide compared to non-organic farms. They also support wildlife by providing more pollinators. Therefore choosing organic means supporting biodiversity around the world. To read more about organic farms and the wildlife click here.

happy orangoutangs advertising ethical food2) Zero tolerance to palm oil

The impact of the palm oil industry on the environment is devastating and is sometimes referred as a “dual threat”. Firstly - companies and local residents clear land for agriculture by setting it on fire, causing the death of tropical forest together with its inhabitants. Secondly - fires release hundreds of years’ worth of carbon (which is stored in the trees and soil), sending pollutants into the atmosphere, and burning for weeks or even months. At Nutrition Ninjas we do not accept palm oil in any form – even so-called “sustainable palm oil”. This is because sustainable palm oil production still allow for forests to be destroyed and peat soils to be drained in order to plant oil palm. 

3) Support to small scale farmers and cooperatives
We give the precedence to small producers, whose mission is to create sustainable sources of income to communities marginalised by globalisation. Our aim is to promote farming cooperatives, as their decentralized land ownership structure produces more equitable economic opportunity for people in rural areas. Additionally, ethical food produced by cooperatives is usually better for the environment.

4) No to air freight

Aviation is only a minor contributor to global CO2 emissions, but its relative share will grow (compared to other industries). It is important to acknowledge that airplanes produce 10 times more CO2 per ton of freight than cargo ships over the same distance.  Therefore at Nutrition Ninja we put a lot of effort in eliminating and replacing the products that arrived to the UK by air.

5) We do not trade meat and dairy products

Mass meat production is devastating to ecosystems. It is estimated that producing 1 kg of beef consumes nearly 16.000 liters of water (we are talking about average global production). Most of global deforestation is caused by expansion of grain crops for animal feed. At Nutrition Ninjas we believe that the world's demand on meat is irrational, therefore all food in our shop is based on plants.