Essential Ingredients


With many food ingredients suppliers on the market choosing the right one can be a little tricky. Here are a couple of reasons why we decided to stock Essential ingredients:    

1) Purity and flavour

Essential is a well-known food producer who supplies the South-West of Britain with health products since 1971. Their priority is authentic, top quality food, packed with goodness and bursting with flavour; this means no additives, colourings, preservatives, or artificial fertilisers. Essential's imported foods are certified by globally recognised, organic certification bodies that are compliant with European Organic Certification Scheme. For this reason Essential's organic food can be trusted.


2)  Nutritional values

Essential provides an impressive range of food ingredients that are rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron, calcium, fibre, and omega acids. You can choose from wide selection of legumes, grains, oats and flakes, nuts, dried fruit, and seeds. All these products have been produced with no harm to animals and the environment, therefore are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. You can verify that by checking the Vegan Association Mark at the front of the packaging.

3) Cooperative principles

Essential is not only a food distributor, but also a cooperative with strong ethical values such as: open membership, concern of community, equality, democratic decision-making, self-help, and autonomy.

For ethically minded people these principles may seem pretty obvious however, in the business world, they can be hard  to implement. Being "a rebel" is tough! It requires determination, self management, drive, and open minds. Luckily Essential provides us with  an "ethical best practice" - an astonishing example of resilience,  determination, and wisdom.

In conclusion, Essential is one of the most influential cooperatives within its niche.  It is not only the high quality of their products, but also the careful realisation of cooperative values that sets Essential apart from other health foods distributors and makes this coop a trustworthy business partner.