Community Projects

At Nutrition Ninjas we believe that online health food stores should initiate and inspire the positive change within their local communities and the environment.

As a business who understands the importance of social justice and responsibility we have become involved in a number of projects in Bristol area.
Food waste processing project
There is a lot of food products that our supplier can not sell just because damaged packaging. We are utilising this food waste which involves: selecting products, re-packaging and despatching finished goods. Food which have been "post-processed" this way can be then taken away to benefit various organisations and charitable causes.
Local food  donations
We donate food to the local communities in Bristol:
1) Easton Food Assembly - The Food Assembly model promotes a fairer and more transparent distribution of revenues where producers receive 83.3 percent of sales pre-tax. The remainder is shared equally between the food assembly website and the local assembly leader. The Food Assembly is not just a market place but an opportunity for community to come together, share food and ideas and establish a connection to our food source.
2) People's Kitchen - We are also donating food to People's Kitchen - an informal group who decided to put on an evening in Connect Cafe (Bristol), where people can meet to learn about and support different groups which stand against political and social domination. The group is supported by a number of volunteers who would like to be a drive for a positive change in the world dominated by the power of rich  and egocentric people.