nutrition-ninja-about-us-imageLet us take off our ninja masks and introduce ourselves here. We are a family business passionate about well-being, food, and ethical consumption. Unfortunately we can't run on the top of the sloppy roofs, neither we can disappear rapidly behind the curtain of white smoke. What makes us ninja is determination and ability to cross the limits in fulfilling our goal which is to provide you with high quality, ethically sourced nutrition at low price. Just as real ninjas we love to stay fit and ready to face the challenges of everyday life.

We specialise in minimally processed food and drink that supports metabolism and increases energy levels. In our ethical shop you can also find supplements, chocolate, tea, and coffee. Our selection has been crafted with vegans and vegetarians on mind, as we believe that minimally processed and cruelty free products are the answer to modern disease and environmental degradation. We also pay special attention to Fair Trade and Demeter standards, especially when it comes to food products that are more likely to be produced with the harm to small, rural communities - for example: tea, coffee, cocoa. All stock in our ethical shop is sourced from UK based distributor who produces clean electricity  from solar panels.

Thank you for visiting our site. We wish you fun creating your basket of ethical food, secure in the knowledge that people who worked to produce these ingredients will be supported by your choice and can continue to thrive.

To read more about our ethical principles please click the following link : food ethics