The online store that kicks and inspires

We specialise in pure, vegan and vegetarian foods sourced from ethically minded wholesaler. No palm oil. No meat. No dairy. Click the image links below to find out more about our approach and products.

Make food your weapon

At Nutrition Ninjas we put an accent on pure ingredients since they are the most effective way of nourishing body and mind. We also have a wide selection of supplements, drinks, herbs and spices. More then 90% of our range is organic and suitable for vegans.

Don't forget a treat

We provide vegans and vegetarians not only with products they need, but also products they love. In our shop you can browse through delicious condiments, sweets, chocolate, cakes, snacks as well as moo moo free alternatives and convenience food.

Be conscious

Ethics is very important to us. It underpins all of our business activities, such as product examination, order processing and social media campaigns.  We have founded our online store on simple, but rebelliously ethical principles: No palm oil. No meat. No GMO.